What is the IREA-AII?

The International Real Estate Alliance – Allianza Inmobiliaria Internacional (IREA-AII) is a multi-national network of more than 600 real estate advertising websites, providing advertising services to those wishing to sell or rent property. Each of the 600+ sites offers the possibility of advertising homes anywhere in the world. Due to our unique multiple listings system, when a person or real estate agent advertises a home for sale or rent, it is automatically listed on all of the 600+ websites.

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IREA-AII Franchises Online are certified by:

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Unique IREA-AII Franchise Benefits

  • Join the multi-billion dollar e-commerce industry without having an Internet background
  • Be your own boss – flexible work hours, low initial investment, low overheads, home/office based
  • Ongoing training and full support throughout your franchise term
  • Earn 300% net returns in your first year in business – and watch these profits increase year by year
  • Take full advantage of the significant IREA-AII resources allocated to each franchisee

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Tem uma empresa na internet e quer expandir pensa em franqueias on-line

A melhor opção para expandir uma emprese por internet é com as franqueias on-line já que pode podem chegar para outras cidades outros países com maior facilidade e com maior segurança mas para fazer uma franqueia on-line igual a gente tem que se prepara muito e dedicar tempo para fazer que sua franqueia seja exitosa. Continue Reading

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